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My personal feeling was that although the sheep farms had been depleted, a very vital industry had taken their place, without in any way spoiling a very lovely part of our Borderland. Spare us, oh Lankin, spare, I'll give you as mony guineas. 1 It has been suggested that these were caves in the neighbourhood of Edington Mill, on the river Whitadder. He was a mystery Vicar, as he was inducted in 1795 and again just after the century was out.

The vast areas of moorland and pasture converted into large tracts of forest and young plantations, were all most impressive. As there's stanes aneath oor feet, Gin ye but spare my life tae me. Consisting of ten sets of caves, all of them may be inspected in the course of a walk of some twenty miles, and it will form an interesting tour to visit, examine, and compare these relics of bypast ages. He was from St John's College, Cambridge, a College which has had close connections with the Diocese of Durham, through the Closed Scholarships to it for Durham Grammar School. 1880 Gordon Moss, one captured by Sheriff Russell, June 30 (J.

(7) In conclusion, I was much impressed by the timing of vehicles and parties while we were at Kielder. (English Lady) I had not visited Kielder since the Forestry Commission took over, I was amazed at what I saw and heard. Come hither, young Lord Wil Ham, The blade is lang and keen, An' kep yer mother's heart's bluid. Too little known, these relics of the past are situated in slopes and scaurs chiefly of the Red Sandstone formation, impending over the Teviot and four of its tributary streams. 58 PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS The last Vicar of the century is Joseph Watkins.

The furrow is left to operate, and does so, as a drainage system. Water holes are provided at certain points which fill themselves from the surrounding terrain. The company was much impressed with the vital national importance of afforestation, and also with the efficiency of the operation of the Kielder Scheme. (4) The comprehensive arrangements made for the prevention of forest fires. In Scotland also these cliff-caverns were occasionally the scenes of refuge and resistance. Besides all this he was for a long time Vicar, and did many things of importance for the church, including the renewal of the Church roof and the recasting of the lead.

BUNKLE CASTLE AND ITS LEGEND 59 I'm not afraid, the ladie said, O' ony o' his kin. There was neither coal nor candle, Tae gie him ony licht. "When Jeffrey wrote the tirst volume of his "History of Roxburghshire" eleven years before that date, this cavern could not then be entered, because of "a portion of the bank in which they are situated being carried away by the floods;" and it was equally inaccessible eleven years earlier still, as the Rev. The word "thrave" is used of sheaves of corn in 2 Stocks, or stocks, of 12 sheaves each. There are three very interesting literary entries: "1726. To James Tate for replacing the Diffets blown off the Church Yard Wall 4d." 1000 diffets is a good number, but there is another entry which gives 3000. 1925 "Used to be fairly abundant about Cockburn Law, William Shaw had known it commonly there from about 1870 onwards for twenty years.

He sent a message to the Laird, Wi' a bonnie milk white doo, It bore the weird o' muckle skaith, A weird he sune wad rue. When he mounted to ride forth, Tak' care o' reivin Lankin, He's comin' frae the north. Thus the Jed was forced over the opposite haugh to the extent of forty yards, until the Hood subsided and the course of the river was cleared of the debris. Hoops, scobs and thraves of straw were all necessary. Keceived the above contents for Mr Taylor by me Elizabeth Taylor." The Yearly Almanac was described in three different ways : The Almanack, The Edinburgh Almanack and The Uni- versal Scots Almanack.

Beseeching your Grace that ye will advertise me of your mind in writing, as that I shall be ready to fulfil same, as knoweth God who preserve your Grace eternally. And, nurse, we'U stab the baby, Wi' a poisoned si Uer pin. Of Lintalee cave, excavated by hard toil out of the solid rock many centuries ago, and displaying VOL. 5 66 THE SCAUR CAVES OF TEVIOTDALE regularity of outline and the use of adequate tools, this is all that remains. From the statement one can infer that it was the roof which really needed attention.

Madam, if there be any of my unfriends that, in my absence, have made sinister information of me to your Grace, so that ye would stand so good and gracious lady unto me that ye would be content that I may speak with your Grace in any manner of way I shall reform it at the sight and pleasure of your said Grace. If she be soondly sleepin', She'll sleep and hear nae din. In the midst of the per- pendicular face of the cliff a careful observer will discern a hollow of apparently a foot in dej)th, seven or eight feet in height, and about seven feet wide. It is recorded in this way: " Ordered that five pounds be expended out of the Church Assessment for the repairs of the School House and that the Vicar and Churchwardens take care that it be properly laid out." John Windram came from Tweedmouth to make an estimate for "the covering of the School House." He charged sixpence for travelling time and making the estimate.

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